Fingerprint Security Systems

Keen to upgrade your security? You have options if you want to install extra door security, from keypads to fingerprint scanning systems. If you want to make your front, back or side door more secure but you’re worried about the security risk of a stolen or lost key then fingerprint security is the answer.

A unique fingerprint is more secure than any electronic card or key. The scanner has to match up your fingerprint with what it has stored in its system. If an exact match is found then the user will be permitted entry. It’s as simple as that.

If you want to install sophisticated fingerprint scanning technology as part of your security then the team at FTL Secure Solutions can help. When it comes to biometrics, a fingerprint security system is the most cost effective and convenient means of controlling who enters and exits the building. The fingerprint scanner offers easy access, and there’s no need for codes, electronic cards or keys. There’s nothing to lose and nothing that can be stolen. 

As biometrics installers, we only use CPNI rated biometric security systems. We can install a fingerprint security system for you. 

Recent Case Studies

“Monkton Combe School have used FTL since 2014, they have been very helpful with assisting Monkton with their initial installation of electronic door access control and developing the schools system. The school has TDSI installed, at present we have 80 doors with electronic access control. We have a good working relationship and they are always available to offer advice over the phone or attend within a short period of time dependent on security needs if we have any issues. We have found them to be very proactive.”

A. Clark
Monkton Combe School

“Extremely professional, efficient and friendly. Been a pleasure to work with.”

I. Davis
Wellington College

The level of after sales support offered by FTL is paramount and we have found the technical support team to be one of the best we have ever dealt with - there has never been anything that they haven't resolved immediately and their staff are quick to respond, knowledgeable and professional.

IT Manager
Elegant English Hotels

“FTL have provided us with excellent service from pre sales through installation and post install bug fixes (even when it was our fault). Their technical skills and focus on details makes us feel confident in the systems installed in our school. This has allowed us to use them throughout our school on a variety of projects and are confident we have the right solutions in place to offer a safe learning environment for our students and staff.”

B. Maytham
Gumley House Convent

“Working with FTL has been a straightforward and reassuring experience at all stages. Their process is extremely thorough and exacting and they make a significant effort to ensure that your requirements have been fully understood and will confirm at all stages that they have correctly understood the solution you are asking for. They work extremely well on site maintaining professionalism at all times whilst keeping work quick and disruption to a minimum. They have delivered a top quality solution at BEN and have at every stage ensured that we fully understood exactly what we were paying for before going forward with any works.”

B. Cummins
BEN Motor and Allied Trades Benevolent Fund, Lynwood Court Care Home

With their technical ability, Isoscan has installed and maintained various systems which allow bmi to maintain cost effective management of key sites. I can safely recommend Isoscan as a competent and trustworthy contractor.

Facilities Manager