Hikvision’s solar-powered Security Camera Setup enhances security at remote sites and operations

Until now, it has been difficult for remote sites and operations to protect their people and assets, especially where no power supply or fixed networks are available. Now, there’s a simple, practical, cost-effective solution to meet this challenge in the form of Hikvision’s solar-powered Security Camera Setup.

Protecting remote and rural sites

All kinds of remote and rural sites require constant security monitoring, ranging from farms and fisheries to forestry operations, oil and gas pipelines, and even national parks. The problem is that these kinds of sites are frequently ‘off-grid’, lacking the power and fixed network connectivity needed to deploy security monitoring cameras.

As an additional challenge, many sites have only temporary security requirements, making the cost of deploying ‘fixed’ cameras prohibitive. This is the case for open air music festivals, political rallies, and many other events. A range of other sites and operations also have short-term monitoring needs, ranging from construction sites to temporary road maintenance works.

Need for standalone solutions

The standalone solutions should be fast and simple to deploy and highly durable

Meeting security requirements at these kinds of remote and temporary sites requires a new kind of ‘standalone’ solution, one that can operate independently, without physical connections to either the energy grid or to a fixed network.

Additionally, the standalone solutions should be fast and simple to deploy, highly durable to withstand the most adverse weather conditions, and affordable enough to meet the needs of all kinds of remote sites and operations.

Solar-powered Security Camera Setup

To help remote operations to boost their security, Hikvision has created the solar-powered Security Camera Setup. This solution uses a 40-watt photovoltaic panel and a highly durable 20 Ah rechargeable Lithium battery to power a Hikvision EXIR Fixed Bullet Solar Power 4G Network Camera.

Because the solar-powered Security Camera Setup uses solar power and includes a micro SIM card for connectivity with the 4G network, there is no need for fixed power or network cables on site. Additionally, operators can monitor, review, and store footage remotely, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

Boosting security quickly and easily

Using the Hikvision solution, remote sites and operations can boost their security quickly, easily, and at low cost. With no need for a fixed network or power supply, and simple installation that can be carried out by just one person, the solution can be rolled out in hours, with very little need for ongoing maintenance or support.

Key benefits of Hikvision’s solar-powered Security Camera Setup include:

  • High-quality imaging for fast, effective incident responses

The Hikvision EXIR 4G Network Camera provided with the solar-powered Security Camera Setup offers high resolution imaging (1920 x 1080 pixels @ 30 fps). Additionally, the camera provides very clear images, even where strong back-light exists, thanks to Hikvision’s 120 dB true Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology.

The excellent quality and clarity of video imaging means that operators can quickly identify and react to security incidents at remote sites, thereby helping to reduce negative business impacts. 

  • 24x7 security monitoring – in any weather

The product employs BMS (battery management system) in its 20Ah Lithium battery, which ensures the optimal use of the battery energy. With its smart power management features, the solar-powered Security Camera Setup provides up to 7 days of operation, during cloudy or rainy periods, when fully charged.

The Security Camera Setup’s 4G camera further adds a 32GB eMMC (embedded MultiMediaCard) besides the SD card, this ensures continuous video recording, when there is an anomaly with the SD card or the network environment. Additionally, the self-sufficient unit is waterproof (accredited to the IP67 standard) and windproof (with a hurricane rating of 12).

All of these features mean that operators can continue monitoring and securing their remote sites without interruptions, even in the harshest and most challenging weather conditions.

  • Rapid, simple, cost-effective installation

A single person can install the solution at remote sites, making the process fast, easy, and cost-effective

A single person can install the solution at remote sites, making the process fast, easy, and cost-effective, thanks to its lightweight design. The pole mounted unit weighs just 14 kg and there are no complex cables to connect, so as to further reduce deployment time and complexity.

This speed and ease of deployment significantly lowers barriers for remote sites and operations looking to boost their security. It is also a major reason why it is the ideal choice for temporary sites, such as construction sites and road maintenance sites.

Key features of the Hikvision solar-powered Security Camera Setup:

  • High quality imaging with 2 MP (1920 x 1080 @ 30 fps) resolutions
  • Clear imaging against strong back light with 120 dB true WDR technology
  • Ah rechargeable lithium battery with 7-day operation even in cloudy and rainy weather
  • 40-watt photovoltaic panel for standalone operation
  • Support battery management features, including battery display
  • Battery high/low temperature protection and charge/discharge protection, with low-battery sleep protection and remote wakeup features
  • 4G Micro SIM card with LTE-TDD/LTE-FDD/WCDMA/GSM transmission capabilities
  • Water and dust resistant camera (IP67 certified)

Recent Case Studies

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