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BEN is a UK charity for those who work, or have worked, in the automotive industry. As well as providing support and advice for families in need, BEN also provides home away from home care in four locations across the country, including the state of the art Lynwood Care Centre in Ascot, Berkshire.

The Requirements

Although Lynwood residents were enjoying brand new facilities, staff and managers at the centre were concerned the security that had originally been installed wasn’t fit for purpose. They invited in security experts from FTL Secure Solutions and Grosvenor Technology who identified that access control could be both improved and simplified. Locks had been poorly installed, break glasses were missing and most importantly, the system wasn’t networked – meaning that every time access procedures changed, 30 keypads had to be individually re-programmed.

Access control is extremely important to the staff at Lynwood, who needed a failsafe way of making sure that patients feel safe and secure; while ensuring that access for staff, families and visitors is comprehensive and stress free. The Lynwood Centre has 96 beds and 69 apartments and offers facilities for patients with dementia, physically disabled younger people, respite and day care, and rehabilitation services, as well as residential nursing care – so sees a diverse range of staff and visitors on a daily basis.

The Solution

FTL Secure Solutions, in partnership with Grosvenor Technology, designed a system based around the ‘SATEON Enterprise’ access control system. This networked IP access control system allows the doors at BEN to be managed by trained personnel via a secure web browser.

Improvements were made to existing locking and finishing. Importantly, staff now have a safe and secure working environment and can manage hundreds of staff and visitors from a single location.

SATEON Enterprise IP access control utilising MIFARE technology was chosen for its simplicity and ease of use by an end customer who is not a security professional.

The Benefit

Lynwood now benefits from Grosvenor Technology’s popular Sateon Enterprise system, which FTL didn’t hesitate to recommend for the Centre. Sateon Enterprise is 100% browser based, so the system is now networked and can be controlled by the Lynwood team using a PC. Sateon is also quick and easy to install and doesn’t require dependency on IT specialists. Access control is now integrated with Lynwood’s fire system and automatic doors, and the centre will also be taking advantage of enhanced security via Sateon’s escorted guest feature, whereby staff swipe cards control visitor’s access.

The Feedback

“Working with FTL has been a straightforward and reassuring experience at all stages. Their process is extremely thorough and exacting and they make a significant effort to ensure that your requirements have been fully understood and will confirm at all stages that they have correctly understood the solution you are asking for. They work extremely well on site maintaining professionalism at all times whilst keeping work quick and disruption to a
minimum. They have delivered a top quality solution at BEN and have at every stage ensured that we fully understood exactly what we were paying for before going forward with any works.”
B. Cummins, BEN Motor and Allied Trades Benevolent Fund, Lynwood Court Care Home

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