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Closed-circuit television (CCTV) plays a vital role in businesses as a powerful surveillance tool. Installed strategically in key areas, CCTV cameras offer constant monitoring of the premises, ensuring enhanced security and safety. This advanced technology allows business owners to deter theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access, minimizing potential losses and liabilities.

Benefits of CCTV

  • Crime Deterrence
  • Enhanced Security and Safety
  • Gathering Evidence and Investigations
  • Insight into Operations
  • Remote Monitoring and Management
  • Cloud based solutions allow for monitoring from any internet connected

Intruder Alarms

Intruder Alarms can be found in most business properties in the United Kingdom and an increasing number of domestic properties. Intruder Alarms are a cost-effective way of ensuring the safety of your property and deterring potential intruders. Whilst we maintain partnerships with leading brands, we are agnostic to manufacturers, able to support and maintain incumbent systems.

Benefits of Intruder Alarms

  • Deterrence of Criminal Activity
  • Protection of Property and Assets
  • Reduction of Insurance Premiums
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Response
  • Customiseable Solutions for Unique Business Needs


Access control is an important aspect of security for businesses of all sizes. It allows businesses to control who has access to their premises, ensuring that only authorised personnel are allowed in to secure or sensitive areas. Access control systems can include key cards, PIN codes, biometric scanners, or a combination of these methods.

Benefits of Access Control

  • Enhanced Security Compliance
  • Improved Safety
  • Valuable Data Reporting for Employers

How can a Support and Maintenance contract benefit my business?

Fixed Annual Fees

Our Support and Maintenance contracts have a fixed annual cost and allow you to plan your budgets effectively. Knowing what your security maintenance will cost your business in advance, means you have peace of mind that your business is secured throughout the year.

Remote Support

Whilst our packages offer onsite visits, the vast majority of issues can be resolved remotely, reducing your overall cost of Support and Maintenance, and cutting down on the time it takes for an Engineer to respond.

Technical Account Managers

All our Account Managers are technical and understand the intricacies of your security system. This means they can provide advice on how to best take advantage of your system to ensure the security and safety of your business. Your Technical Account Manager will also conduct your annual reviews, ensuring you have everything you need.

Proactive Maintenance

All our Maintenance and Support packages offer elements of proactive maintenance, ensuring issues are identified before they impact you. Often, issues identified in advance cost less to fix, and prevent the need for additional call out charges throughout the year.

Our Support and Maintenance Subscriptions

Category FTL 253 FTL 365 FTL 365+
Support Hours Monday - Friday (08:45 - 17:45) 24/7 24/7
Access to Engineers Monday - Friday (08:45 - 17:45) 24/7 24/7
Email Support Monday - Friday (08:45 - 17:45) 24/7 24/7
Pre-Maintenance Health Check Chargeable Included Included
2 Proactive Maintenance Visits Annually - Yes Yes
System Hardware Test (Server/NVR/DVR/Intruder Panel) - Yes Yes
Ancillary Equipment (Bells/Sounders/etc) - Yes Yes
Panic Alarm Check - Yes Yes
Sensor/Detector Check - Yes Yes
Remote Signalling to ARC Check and Communicator Firmware Updated - Yes Yes
CCTV cleaned and refocused - Yes Yes
CCTV Recording Media Capacity / Health Check / Recording Integrity Check - Yes Yes
Access Control Hardware Checked - Yes Yes
Access Control Door Furniture Checked/Secured/Lubricated - Yes Yes
Backup Battery Capacity Check - Yes Yes
System Client Software Updates - Included Yes
Panel Firmware Updated - Included Yes
Client Data Backed up and Left On Site - - Yes
Call Outs
Response Time 48 Hours to site NSI Compliant NSI Compliant
Reactive Call Out Charge (Office Hours) Chargeable Discounted Included
Reactive Call Out Charge (Out of Office Hours) N/A Discounted Included
Account Reviews
Account Reviews Yearly Yearly Yearly
Account Manager Review of Key Matters - Yes Yes
Yearly Meetings - Yes Yes
Bi Annual Meetings - - Yes
Monthly Reports - - Yes
Battery Replacement Chargeable Chargeable Included
Equipment Replacement Chargeable Chargeable Included


Speak to us now to see how we can help with your Support and Maintenance requirements for CCTV, Access Control and Intruder Alarms.