Access Control

FTL Secure Solutions are experts in the design, installation, commissioning, testing, and training of a wide variety of Access Control and Door Entry systems.

What are the options?

Access Control has two main functions, securing a door or access point and recording movement. What you want to achieve with your system will determine which one of a number of solutions is right for you.

Networked Access Control Systems

  • These systems can be anywhere from 2 to 20,000 doors, with the level of software typically determining how many doors the system will support
  • Ideal for enhancing your business’s operational procedures. Networked systems provide a record of the movement and whereabouts of staff and customers, as well as controlling traffic flow.
  • Integration with other security systems offers a genuine return on investment. For example, this could mean linking your access system with the fire system so that in the event of an emergency, doors can fail safe or fail secure where necessary.
  • Integration with HR, payroll, or time & attendance systems also offers a genuine return on investment. Your access control card that logs you in in the morning can also act as a payroll tool and time & attendance indicator.
  • Intuitive Access Control software means you can manage your building’s security from a central software platform. This means you can decide who goes where, at what time, and with whom. If a card is lost or stolen, in 30 seconds it can be removed from the entire network and replaced with an inexpensive card.

Standalone Access Control Systems

  • These systems will secure a single door; typically the controller will be built into the reader. Options vary from a keypad to a MIFARE card or a combination of the two.
  • This is the ideal solution if you are simply looking to secure a single door or a small number of doors across a large site. As there is no network between them, or central interface, installation costs are reduced.
  • These systems are programmed locally to the reader, meaning if you have two or three on-site, the details must be entered multiple times. There is also no integration with other systems, such as fail-safe in the event of a fire.

Why FTL Secure Solutions?

FTL Secure Solutions has been designing, installing, maintaining, and integrating access control systems for over thirty years. This means we have the in-house technical expertise (on both software and hardware) that can be critical to your security.

Access Control, much like CCTV, is in a transition period where more and more focus is on what can be done over IP. As a division of Fibre Technologies Ltd, we know how to get the best out of IP-based Access Control. This means we will ensure your corporate network is unburdened, your security is simplified, and that your systems communicate with any other relevant security or operational system (such as fire systems, CCTV, payroll, HR).

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As an NSI NACOSS Gold security installer and maintenance provider you can be assured that all installations are carried out to a very high standard. Our system aftercare and maintenance services also ensure you get the most from your security systems.

We can offer you a maintenance contract to suit your needs. This could be in the form of a simple two pro-active visits per annum agreement to keep everything in working order.

All FTL Secure Solutions maintenance contracts include agreed levels of support, as well as agreed response times in terms of both remote and on-site support.

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