FTL Secure Solutions are specialists in the design, installation, commissioning, maintenance, and integration of Biometric Access Control and Time & Attendance systems. These range from simple fingerprint access door stations to large, integrated security and attendance systems utilizing iris readers and palm technology.

Biometric security systems

These types of systems are becoming increasingly popular with businesses looking to secure their properties and increase efficiencies in operational procedures. As the technology becomes more advanced and more reliable, these systems offer a level of security and monitoring that no card or pin-based system can match.


  • Biometric security utilizes something: you have such as an eye or a fingerprint, ensuring that the information collected by the system can only be entered by one person. This offers you a certainty that card-based systems cannot match.
  • Time & Attendance benefits: Increasingly businesses are using biometrics to replace existing card or paper-based staff rotas. So for example, using an iris recognition-based attendance system on a production floor not only speeds up staff checks-in but completely eliminates the challenges associated with ‘buddy-punching’ or lost identity cards. This is an application that offers a genuine return on investment.
  • Iris and Facial Recognition Technology FTL Secure Solutions offers a range of high-end iris and facial recognition solutions for your business. Typical applications include time & attendance on large construction sites, MOD and Government sites, commercial/industrial spaces, and data center security. Iris and facial recognition technology offer your business the most reliable and secure biometric security solution currently available.
  • Fingerprint and Palm Technology: FTL Secure Solutions offers a range of fingerprint and palm reader solutions for your business. These solutions, typically, are more cost-effective than the iris equivalent and can be used in many of the same environments and applications.
  • Integration with your security and HR systems: Biometrics can become a vital component of your business. Our iris solutions are certified for Single Factor Authentication for both verification and Identification. By automatically inputting reliable information gained from your biometrics, you can benefit from a real return on investment through improved security and improved operational procedures.


FTL Secure Solutions has significant experience in the installation, maintenance, and integration of a variety of Biometric security systems including iris, facial recognition, and thumb/palm print. Our experience covers a number of environments from the small commercial system to securing a large corporate enterprise or sensitive site.

We know the value of a professional installation and attentive ongoing maintenance of your Biometric security.


As an NSI Gold security installer and maintenance provider you can be assured that all installations are carried out to a very high standard. Our system aftercare and maintenance services also ensure you get the most from your security systems.

We can offer you a maintenance contract to suit your needs. This could be in the form of a simple two pro-active visits per annum agreement to keep everything in working order, or even an all-inclusive reactive and proactive maintenance lump sum contract, making sure your costs are fixed for the year.

All FTL Secure Solutions maintenance contracts include agreed levels of support, as well as agreed response times in terms of both remote and on-site support.

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