FTL Secure Solutions are experts in the installation, design, commissioning, testing, and training of a wide variety of IP / CCTV systems.


The most modern CCTV solution available, these systems are highly recommended by FTL Secure Solutions for the quality of recording and functionality.


IP CCTV works by sending a digital signal over a network. Unlike traditional CCTV systems, you can plug the cameras into the network locally and store video recordings off-site. This saves time and money on a traditional CCTV system where each camera is individually cabled back to the central DVR location.


  • Superior image quality: IP cameras are capable of producing high-definition video at multi-megapixel resolution. A 1.3MP camera has 3 times the resolution of a high-end D1 Analogue camera.
  • Ease of installation: Only 1 cable is required to supply power and send data (Power over Ethernet) as opposed to multiple cables on an analog system. This offers significant savings on installation costs as well as minimizing disruption.
  • Upgrade at your own pace: You can bring your legacy CCTV networks into the 21st Century bit by bit if you are concerned about the initial costs. Hybrid recording units allow you to replace 1 camera at a time, at a pace you can afford. Analog encoders allow your existing network to be integrated into a modern IP-based platform.
  • Secure smartphone and off-site access: Modern IP systems allow you to log in to the system off-site and on the move. This is particularly useful for on-call staff and for alarm confirmation.
  • Digital Analytics:Intuitive software that can be your eyes and ears. This includes the ability to alert you to a variety of changing conditions in the area your cameras are monitoring, such as suspicious packages and moving or missing objects.

WHY FTL Secure Solutions

Unlike most security companies, FTL Secure Solutions benefits from over three decades of experience in network communications, just one of the benefits of being a division of Fibre Technologies Ltd. This means we are perfectly placed when it comes to designing an IP-based CCTV system to exactly match your requirements. This can involve matching the correct hardware and software, ensuring each camera has the correct lens for its environment, making sure your corporate network is not overly burdened by additional bandwidth, and so on. No matter what you spend on your CCTV, it pays to have an expert on hand to commission your security.

FTL Secure Solutions has significant experience in the installation (both new build and retrofitting) and maintenance of Analogue and HD-SDI CCTV networks.

This means we know to account for as many factors as possible when designing and installing your CCTV system. For example, will you require infra-red technology? What lux levels do your cameras require before they become ineffective? Will your internal cameras be affected by changing light conditions or nearby artificial lighting?

In the right environment, we can design and install an analogue CCTV system that will effectively secure your business premises, on a budget and to a design that suits you.

Analogue and HD-SDI CCTV

These are the traditional systems you still often see in shops, offices, and towns all over the UK. HD-SDI technology is essentially an encoded analog camera, enabling megapixel images to be sent over traditional coax cable networks. Whilst IP CCTV is establishing itself as an excellent CCTV offering, the traditional analog system still has useful applications and benefits.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Cost-effective technology: Traditional analog systems are very cost-effective, for those looking to build an effective security system on a budget. As well as this, commissioning an analogue system is often significantly less time consuming than the complex IP Video Management System setup.
  • Can cover longer distances: As the data and information is less complex than that of an IP system, cameras can be several kilometres apart as opposed to a hundred metres.
  • No camera licensing: You can use almost any analogue camera with any analogue DVR; meaning designing a truly bespoke system is simple. This contrasts with sometimes expensive IP camera licenses, depending on the manufacturer.
  • Some situations are better served by an analog camera: This is particularly the case with external environments where light fluctuation occurs. IP camera images can become distorted in low and fluctuating light.
  • Use your existing cable infrastructure to send megapixel images: You can encode your existing cameras or install new HD-SDI cameras to send multi-megapixel images over your existing legacy coax cable. This means you can avoid the expense of replacing your entire system, whilst enjoying the benefits of megapixel CCTV.


Tell Me More

As an NSI NACOSS Gold security installer and maintenance provider you can be assured that all installations are carried out to a very high standard. Our system aftercare and maintenance services also ensure you get the most from your security systems.

We can offer you a maintenance contract to suit your needs. This could be in the form of a simple two pro-active visits per annum agreement to keep everything in working order, or even an all-inclusive reactive and proactive maintenance lump sum contract, making sure your costs are fixed for the year.

All FTL Secure Solutions maintenance contracts include agreed levels of support, as well as agreed response times in terms of both remote and on-site support.

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