The Best Door Access Systems

The security and safety of your employees and your work environment is crucial. The best door access systems allow you to control and monitor who can enter your building or premises or certain areas of your building. Access control systems allow administration personnel to track their employees’ activities and help maintain the overall security of the premises. From biometric scanning to card control management, door access systems come with a variety of security features and options, allowing you to choose the features which best serve your needs and your budget.

Before installing any door access systems, you need to identify your company’s needs. They are designed to keep your employees and your building secure, so install an access control solution which provides basic security features and allows you to integrate other features useful to your business.

All you need is a professional team of access control installers to implement the security system that best works for you and your premises.

Whether you want to install a completely new access control system or you’d like to integrate new security features into an existing system, turn to the team at FTL Secure Solutions. Serving customers throughout Berkshire, we can assess your premises and install the best security solution for you. 

The Best Integrated Security Systems

Security is an overriding concern for the majority of, if not all, businesses. Valuable assets need to be protected, employees and visitors need to be and feel safe when on the premises, while the presence of any form of a security system has proved successful in deterring crime.

FTL Secure Solutions has long been at the forefront of integrated security system technology, installing and maintaining systems that meet all our customers’ individual security requirements. We find pragmatic solutions to even the most challenging security issues, seamlessly integrating new systems and new technology with existing security systems. The best integrated security systems are not only flexible and fully-functioning, but they’re often the most cost-effective means of installing a good security system. By combining security features such as access control, CCTV, Intruder Alarms, payroll and HR functions, we can install a security system that accounts for every part of your daily business operations.

Integrated security solutions help to maximise efficiency, reduce costs and streamline your operations. With the best integrated security system installed, you’ll be securing your premises for now and for the future.