Intruder Alarm Monitoring

As an NSI Gold certified Security Company, FTL Secure Solutions offer security monitoring as standard in all of our intruder alarm installations.

Emizon Monitoring – monitoring for the 21st century

We support a broad range of monitoring devices and solutions; from BT Redcare to a host of single and dual-path monitoring units. From experience, the Emizon monitoring unit is the most advanced, the easiest to live with and offers the biggest return in investment.

What are the benefits?

  • Save money: Emizon offers substantial savings when compared to equivalent legacy monitoring devices such as Redcare. There is no need for a dedicated PSTN line and the associated call charges.
  • Save more money – remote maintenance: A number of popular alarm systems enable us to log-in remotely to both diagnose and fix faults in intruder alarm systems. This means you can significantly reduce reactive engineer callouts associated with your intruder alarm system.
  • Greater security: Dual path monitoring provides the most secure and reliable signalling available today. Models available for grade 2, 3 and 4 alarm systems.
  • Flexibility: Works with any broadband service, GPRS network and phone line provider.
  • Easy to deploy, cost-effective to manage: works with a wide range of alarm panels.
  • Fully approved: Meets the exacting requirements of the security industry, insurance companies and police services.

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FTL Secure Solutions can support and install the Emizon monitoring unit in both new and existing intruder alarm systems. The Emizon unit represents a real step-change in the security industry and is proven to save clients’ money on their security. 

Data centre CCTV Installers

Data Centres need to be amongst some of the most secure environments in business. As such, it is essential that the security system and security monitoring solution that has been designed for the specific site, is up to the required standards. CCTV records, monitors and can alert you to specific activity in a Data Centre environment and is an essential element of Data Centre security.

Data Centre operators need to be confident that the sensitive data and hardware within the premises are safe from unauthorised intrusion. CCTV becomes the front end of the integrated security network. Data Centre CCTV typically works in 2 ways. The CCTV system can be actively monitored by a designated person, ensuring that any suspicious activity is instantly identified by a human presence. Alternatively, the Data Centre CCTV system can rely on built-in video analytics. This relies on intuitive software to notify a designated person in the event of suspicious activity. In any event, it is highly recommended that the Data Centre CCTV system is fully integrated with other security systems in the premises, and even the BMS and Data Centre management systems.

FTL Secure Solutions specialise in the design and installation of IP / CCTV systems in sensitive Data Centre environments. We can ensure that your Data Centre CCTV and security is working for you, designed to maximise the benefits specific to your environment.


In partnership with JS BMS Controls Ltd

FTL Secure Solutions are delighted to announce that we have entered into a partnership with JS BMS Controls Ltd. This partnership enables us to continue to offer our ‘one stop shop’ approach, whilst broadening our offering to include Building Management Systems and Energy Auditing.

We have chosen to work with JS BMS Controls Ltd as they share the same values as FTL Secure Solutions. Having worked together on a number of projects, we are confident that this partnership enhances our design, installation and maintenance capabilities across a broad range of products and services.

JS BMS Controls Ltd specialise in building management services including:

  • Design, supply, installation of projects and fit out
  • Integration of different networks protocols
  • Test & commission, of all aspects
  • Energy audit
  • Panel design/manufacture
  • Maintenance
  • Remote monitoring.

We are working around the UK to service the needs of our diverse range of customers.

JS BMS Controls Ltd is an independent company. 

Best Security Companies in Reading

Are you looking for the best security system for your business environment? The best security companies will work with you to design and build a technology led security system or integrated security system that maximises return on investment.

Demand for technology led yet cost-effective security solutions, even in the domestic sphere, is on the increase. In recent years businesses in particular have increased spending on security and are increasingly looking at premium end integrated security systems. Not only do these security systems protect staff, assets and premises, but designed in the correct manner security can offer a genuine return on investment. Commercial security solutions and integration security systems should be designed in such a manner as to improve operational efficiency on-site as well increasing security and accident and incident prevention.

It is wise when installing additions to your security systems to investigate the possibility and the benefits of an integrated security system. Combining multiple standalone systems into a single security platform that cross-communicates with HR and Payroll, your integrated security system very quickly begins to pay for itself.

FTL Secure Solutions offer a design and technology-led service that ensures you get a security system that meets your budget, your requirements and your expectations. Whatever your security needs, we have a solution.