Data Centres need to be amongst some of the most secure environments in business. As such, it is essential that the security system and security monitoring solution that has been designed for the specific site, is up to the required standards. CCTV records, monitors and can alert you to specific activity in a Data Centre environment and is an essential element of Data Centre security.

Data Centre operators need to be confident that the sensitive data and hardware within the premises are safe from unauthorised intrusion. CCTV becomes the front end of the integrated security network. Data Centre CCTV typically works in 2 ways. The CCTV system can be actively monitored by a designated person, ensuring that any suspicious activity is instantly identified by a human presence. Alternatively, the Data Centre CCTV system can rely on built-in video analytics. This relies on intuitive software to notify a designated person in the event of suspicious activity. In any event, it is highly recommended that the Data Centre CCTV system is fully integrated with other security systems in the premises, and even the BMS and Data Centre management systems.

FTL Secure Solutions specialise in the design and installation of IP / CCTV systems in sensitive Data Centre environments. We can ensure that your Data Centre CCTV and security is working for you, designed to maximise the benefits specific to your environment.