Fingerprint Security Systems

Keen to upgrade your security? You have options if you want to install extra door security, from keypads to fingerprint scanning systems. If you want to make your front, back or side door more secure but you’re worried about the security risk of a stolen or lost key then fingerprint security is the answer.

A unique fingerprint is more secure than any electronic card or key. The scanner has to match up your fingerprint with what it has stored in its system. If an exact match is found then the user will be permitted entry. It’s as simple as that.

If you want to install sophisticated fingerprint scanning technology as part of your security then the team at FTL Secure Solutions can help. When it comes to biometrics, a fingerprint security system is the most cost effective and convenient means of controlling who enters and exits the building. The fingerprint scanner offers easy access, and there’s no need for codes, electronic cards or keys. There’s nothing to lose and nothing that can be stolen. 

As biometrics installers, we only use CPNI rated biometric security systems. We can install a fingerprint security system for you. 

Standalone Security Systems

Are you on a tight security budget? Do you want to find an easy and cost effective way to keep your premises and belongings safe? A standalone security solution might be the answer. 

A standalone alarm system can be the perfect solution if you’re looking to secure your property but don’t want to fork out for an expensive installation. If you want a simple solution to installing doors, windows and rooms then an intruder alarm might prove ideal. Installation is relatively inexpensive and straightforward, and the alarm will secure your premises as well as act as a deterrent to intruders.

FTL Secure Solutions can help you to meet all your security needs. Whether you want to install a standalone system, an access control system, CCTV or an integrated biometrics system, we can find something which meets your budget and your security requirements. As access control installers we routinely design and install access control systems for clients, and we can install networked access control systems or standalone access control systems. We have the expertise needed to provide you with the most advanced security solutions.