FTL Radar Solutions

The short to mid-range miniature radar sensors gives 24/7 protection

day or night in all weather conditions. Depending on your requirements

and needs the system can be customised for stand-alone systems, large

security networks, perimeter defence, home and safe city applications.

The Radar sensors can classify a detected target whether its a human, vehicle

or animal and eliminates common false alarms. When the radar senses a threat

it transfers highly reliable information such as range, velocity and angle that

may be used as a trigger to an associated camera.

Key Benefits are:

  • Miniature Size
  • Light Weight
  • Simple Connectivity
  • Outdoors and Indoors Operation
  • Immediate Detection
  • Sees through fog
  • Cost Effective
  • Saves Security Man Power
  • Proative rather than responsive
  • No moving parts – low maintenance


The Best Standalone Security Systems

Are you looking for an easy, cost-effective way to keep your premises and belongings safe? For any business, it’s important to review and update your security systems on a regular basis, whether that’s installing new security measures or beefing up an alarm system. For any business on a tight budget, or if you just want something simple, then a standalone security system might prove ideal. A standalone alarm is a one-box system that combines a sensor, controller and siren all in one. Such an alarm can have a motion sensor, and the device is battery-powered and therefore easy to setup, install and maintain.

Standalone security systems such as these simple alarm systems can work well in both commercial and domestic environments. Intruder alarms are not only effective through the sounding of an alarm, but they also act as a physical deterrent to anyone who might be loitering near the premises.

Here at FTL Secure Solutions we are specialists in the design, installation and maintenance of a full range of security systems, including access control, intruder alarms, CCTV and biometrics, among others. A security system can help to improve business operations, prevent and deter crime, safeguard assets, and protect employees. 

The Best Security Companies in Reading

Security systems have kept buildings and their occupants safe and secure for decades, and as these systems have become increasingly advanced so security companies have had to adapt to keep up with such advancements. Today’s sophisticated alarms use high-tech sensors to identify movement and the opening of doors and windows, and can be monitored by security companies around the clock. With many different types of security systems available, from CCTV installation to access control and sophisticated biometrics, whether you’re looking for security for your home or office premises, a security system can be installed that meets all your security needs.

The best security system should give you complete peace of mind, even when you’re far from the property. For businesses, you can monitor who enters and leaves the premises and at what time, you can install alarms that protect the premises during the night, and you can look into security integration, which will allow you to combine different security features and find the right security solution for you.

Serving customers throughout Reading and across Berkshire, FTL Secure Solutions is one of the best security companies in the area, with the expertise to install the right security system for you. 


A new Generation of Intelligent Perimeter Intrusion Detection


Halo is an intelligent system that can adapt to changing environmental conditions and intelligently reduce nuisance alarms, it has the narrowest possible active alarm zone while maintaining peripheral awareness. It simply integrates with any system and provides secure data routing for peripheral sensors, it maintains system integrity using robust authentication, and offers secure channel communication.

Summary of Features:

  • Smallest Footprint in class
  • Dual technology detection
  • Low nuisance alarm rate
  • One cable, data and power
  • Secure Edge Network for peripheral devices
  • Impervious to cloning or spoofing
  • 100m total coverage
  • Simple setup and integration
  • Install using existing infastructure

    .            .