As an NSI Gold certified Security Company, FTL Secure Solutions offer security monitoring as standard in all of our intruder alarm installations.

Emizon Monitoring – monitoring for the 21st century

We support a broad range of monitoring devices and solutions; from BT Redcare to a host of single and dual-path monitoring units. From experience, the Emizon monitoring unit is the most advanced, the easiest to live with and offers the biggest return in investment.

What are the benefits?

  • Save money: Emizon offers substantial savings when compared to equivalent legacy monitoring devices such as Redcare. There is no need for a dedicated PSTN line and the associated call charges.
  • Save more money – remote maintenance: A number of popular alarm systems enable us to log-in remotely to both diagnose and fix faults in intruder alarm systems. This means you can significantly reduce reactive engineer callouts associated with your intruder alarm system.
  • Greater security: Dual path monitoring provides the most secure and reliable signalling available today. Models available for grade 2, 3 and 4 alarm systems.
  • Flexibility: Works with any broadband service, GPRS network and phone line provider.
  • Easy to deploy, cost-effective to manage: works with a wide range of alarm panels.
  • Fully approved: Meets the exacting requirements of the security industry, insurance companies and police services.

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FTL Secure Solutions can support and install the Emizon monitoring unit in both new and existing intruder alarm systems. The Emizon unit represents a real step-change in the security industry and is proven to save clients’ money on their security.