FIBER SENSYS, itself part of the OPTEX Group, has launched EchoPoint distributed acoustic sensors for advanced intrusion detection across even the highest-level security sites.

Dubbed the latest evolution in fiber optic sensing technology, the new EchoPoint sensors make use of intelligent detection algorithms to provide point detection of +/- 6 metres in a range of up to 100 km. This highly accurate and reliable detection renders the sensors ideal for larger perimeters and high security sites, such as airports, logistics centres, railway networks and critical infrastructure, and to protect data conduits and pipelines, where being able to locate and identify the precise point of intrusion is critical.

Thanks to their highly advanced pattern-recognition classification algorithm, the sensors are able to distinguish between common causes of false and nuisance alarms, such as wildlife and environmental conditions, and genuine intrusion attempts. The system is also immune to electromagnetic interference, radio frequency interference and lightning.

The flexibility and versatility of the EchoPoint sensors is such that they can be operated across multiple applications and installed on fences, buried or commissioned in a hybrid layout. When mounted on a fence, the sensors can identify someone cutting the fence or attempting to climb it. When buried, the system can differentiate between footsteps, manual and machine digging and vehicle movements.

To meet the individual needs of every site, the EchoPoint sensors features intelligent software zoning. This means different detection zones can be configured. End users have the ability to independently adjust the sensitivity and output within each zone, thereby helping to provide maximum capture rates and minimise nuisance alarms.

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