Planning a large event such as a music festival, conference, or sporting event comes with many organizational challenges. One important consideration that can’t be overlooked when coordinating logistics for occasions that draw crowds is making proper provisions for security. Hiring professional manned security services can provide significant benefits for event organizers and guests alike.

It’s understandable if hearing “event security” conjures images of uninvited authoritarian figures who dampen the festive mood. However, the right security team consists of helpful professionals there to discreetly keep things running smoothly, not interfere with enjoyment. Their presence provides multiple advantages that actually enhance attendees’ safety and experience.

Types of Events That Benefit From Hired Security

Many types of events can profit from bringing on an outside security company, including:

  • Concerts – With energized crowds packed in close proximity, concerts pose multiple security risks that guards can help control. Moshpits, intoxicated guests, arguments over seating, and other issues may arise. Plus there’s responsibility for safely ushering thousands of attendees out doors in an emergency.
  • Festivals – Sprawling venues with numerous stages, food stands and activities make supervision a challenge for festival organizers. Hired help ensures someone manages entry/exit points while monitoring grounds for problems. They also take on critical duties if crises occur like bad weather.
  • Conferences – Though less raucous than concerts, conferences still amass sizeable collections of guests who require coordination. Guards prevent room overcrowding, allow only properly credentialed press in restricted areas, and ensure adherence to rules.
  • Sporting Events – Unlike conferences, athletic events cultivate highly passionate spectators who occasionally take team loyalty too seriously. Security helps maintain order in stands, enforce venue policies on profanity/intoxication, and defuse potentially violent altercations.

Reasons to Hire Professional Security Guards

Deter Crime and Misbehavior

The sheer presence of a security team serves as a potent deterrent against lawlessness, cutting down on issues right from the start. Guards convey authority that prompts guests to mind their manners. And by continually surveying the premises, they can quickly intervene to halt problems before they spiral.

Provide Crowd Control

Managing entry, exit, and pedestrian traffic flow for seas of attendees is a complex organizational challenge. Security pros have depth of experience safely routing people. Stationed at key junctures, they promote orderly movement while preventing logjams that could spark claustrophobia-induced anxiety or accidents.

Enforce Venue Rules

Many events prohibit certain items or risky behaviors on premises. However, busy hosts can’t realistically enforce every policy themselves. Hired security reminds patrons of regulations banning drugs, weapons, smoking etc., ensuring safety and legal compliance. They also firmly yet diplomatically convey when enough’s enough to overly intoxicated guests.

Respond to Emergencies

No one likes pondering worst case scenarios, but diligent planners must prepare for crises like accidents, fires, fights and other dangerous disturbances. Many guards receive first aid and emergency response training to correctly react. They skillfully coordinate swift, orderly evacuations, provide medical assistance if needed, and contact emergency services.

Promote Guest Comfort

On top of stabilizing rowdy situations, security staffers also take on service-oriented responsibilities that heighten comfort. Stationed in spots like entry points and concession stands, they give directions when asked and kindly answer attendees’ questions. Guests feel more relaxed knowing help’s nearby.

Characteristics of a Reputable Security Company

When reviewing manned event security services, make sure prospective firms exhibit these traits:

Properly Licensed and Insured – Legitimate operations possess all legally required state operating credentials and liability insurance coverage. Don’t risk hiring unlicensed groups and facing fines or uncovered damages if incidents occur. Verify necessary documentation upfront.

Experienced, Professional Staff – Look for guards specially trained in crowd management, emergency protocols and verbal de-escalation to diplomatically resolve conflicts. Their bearing and discretion should ease worries yet project authority if confronted by resistant guests.

Flexible Services – Event variety demands adaptability, so firms should offer customized packages scaled to expected attendance and nature of occasion. On-site guard numbers, availability of female staffers for festivals, tech capabilities and supplemental options like K-9 units or accompaniment through parking lots after events all provide helpful flexibility.

Use of Current Technology – Reputable teams appropriately incorporate modern tech like security camera networks, earpiece radios, positioning apps and mass digital notification systems that link guards with instant backup. However, they understand essential human oversight tech can’t provide alone.


How far in advance should you book guards?

A: Ideally secure contracts at least 4-6 months out. Short notice arrangement risks subpar security unfamiliar with the event. Early booking also confirms ample staffers get scheduled.

How do you determine appropriate number of guards needed?

A: The right density of security presence depends on expected attendance, venue layout, and type of event. Historically comparable occasions help gauge, but firms also calculate ideal guard levels based on room capacities and estimated crowds positioned at entry/exit checkpoints.

What credentials should guards have?

A: At minimum, current state licensing and liability insurance. Background checks for violent offenses also matters. Formal on-job training in areas like first aid, CPR, suspect restraint tactics, fire response, evidence gathering and professional communication represents a higher quality firm.

What is the average hourly cost per guard?

A: Rates fluctuate based on experience, exact positions filled and supplemental gear/technology provided. However, average falls in the $25-$50 range. More specialized solutions like K-9 units may exceed $100 per staffer hour. Discuss budgets upfront to secure options suiting scope and cost needs.


Hiring reputable manned security services benefits events by bolstering safety, upholding positive atmosphere, managing crowds, resolving issues, handling emergencies and answering attendees’ concerns. Guards don’t dampen moods when selected from firms properly certified, experienced in de-escalation tactics and equipped to scale operations precisely to gathering size and character. By contacting companies well in advance to coordinate coverage, hosts can concentrate on delivering memorable occasions appreciated by seamlessly secured guests. Reach out to discuss your upcoming event needs today!