STATE-SPONSORED attempts at stealing sensitive research and information can undermine UK businesses and harm competitiveness for the home nations on the world stage. That being so, the Government has announced the creation of the National Protective Security Authority (NPSA) to help businesses and organisations alike defend themselves against national security threats.

The new body, which has been established as part of MI5, will increase the UK’s resilience to state threats as well as terrorism and, in tandem, play an important part in strengthening economic security.

The NPSA has absorbed the responsibilities of the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure, but enjoys a broader remit. This reflects the fact that the threats facing the UK today extend far beyond Critical National Infrastructure.

Advice will be provided in an accessible and informative way such that it can be understood and used by a broad range of private and public sector organisations, including tech start-ups, businesses, event venues and universities.

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