The Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner has denied the county’s CCTV could be switched off from April.

Katy Bourne was questioned during a meeting of the Police & Crime Panel about problems with the renewal of a contract with service provider BT.

According to a police spokesman, BT has only offered a one-year fixed price contract rather than the three-year contract which had been expected.

Ms Bourne said an inspector was working on the issue full-time and that “nobody’s going to get switched off”.

The meeting also heard a “significant price increase” was forecast on the £250,000 per year already being paid, due to upgrades being made to the circuit technology.

Ms Bourne said: “The contract is BT’s. If they decide they don’t want to renew, they don’t have to renew – we can’t force them.

“They’ve agreed a price. It’s their price and we can’t afford it, effectively.

“My understanding, having spoken with the team in Sussex Police, is that nobody’s going to get switched off, so let’s just allay that concern.”

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