Making 960H Analogue video easy and affordable

FTL Secure Solutions is pleased to announce our first ‘standard’ CCTV package. After listening to feedback from customers, we now offer a simple, affordable ‘off-the-shelf’ CCTV solution. Whilst our core business is still the design, installation and maintenance of mid to enterprise level CCTV and integrated security networks, we understand that not everybody requires a top of the line system.

What do you get?

A fully installed 960H Analogue CCTV system. 960H CCTV represents the most recent advances in Analogue CCTV. This technology gives you a vastly improved picture over traditional analogue and for less than you will pay for HD IP.

The Vicon 960H DVR is one of the latest additions to the 960H field, and comes with an attractive pedigree. Vicon are one of the leading manufacturers of analogue and IP CCTV, with operations throughout the world and, importantly for ongoing support, a UK headquarters.

The DVR comes pre-installed with an intuitive Graphical User Interface based on the popular HD Express user and capabilities menu.

Who is this for?

Anyone who needs a small, high quality and cost-effective CCTV system!

Specifically, this system is ideal for small businesses, retailers, nurseries, primary schools and home owners.

How much will this cost me?

Not a great deal, you’ll be pleased to hear; £8.03 per week. At the end of the contract you can do two things. Option 1: You can take out a new contract and we will replace it with the latest technology available at the time. Option 2: Nothing. It will be yours to keep.