Would you like to increase the security of your business premises? If so, then we can help you here at FTL Secure Solutions with the range of access control entry readers we have available. The entry readers we install allow only people with access to your building to enter. Therefore, you have the peace of mind knowing that only people that should there will have access to your premises.

We are pleased to say that along with increasing the security of your premises, the access control entry readers also provide a range of other benefits for your business. These include being able to integrate with time and attendance systems so you can easily check on the attendance and punctuality for all of your employees. They also enhance operational and safety procedures by managing traffic flow into the building and recording the movement of staff and customers.

Our team are able to come to your premises and install your access control entry systems quickly and provide full instructions on operational use, so you get the most out of your new system. If you would like a quote today, then you can contact us on 01344 752 222. We look forward to hearing from you.