Biometric security is a popular option for large corporate offices and institutions. Not only are you guaranteed top-level security, but you can install a system that integrates with your HR systems, the latter streamlining operational procedures.

If you want to gain control over all access points of your building, then biometrics are the way forward. From fingerprint and palm reader technology solutions to iris and facial recognition technology solutions, you can opt for the security which best meets your needs and requirements.

Whether you need to secure a commercial building or a construction site, the team at FTL Secure Solutions can help you install a security solution which works for your premises. As technology-based security systems become ever more sophisticated, biometrics offer a level of security and monitoring which no pin or car-based system can match.

From a simple fingerprint reader to a fully-integrated system which includes time and attendance, we can help you find the solution. As biometrics installers, we only use CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure) rated biometric security systems. 

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