Do you want to feel safer? Do you want reassurance that your assets are secure? Access control is now regularly used on large commercial sites and in institutions, as well as in domestic settings. Access control systems are used to control where and when individuals can gain access to a premises. With access control there is flexibility to install a multi-user integrated system across a large site or, simply, a one-door entry system.

If you’d like to install a door access system on your premises then FTL Secure Solutions is the company to choose. Whatever your individual requirements, from one-door access systems to multi-site integrated systems, our team can guide and advise, design, install and maintain a security system which meets your needs. Every client will require a different level of security, so it’s up to the security provider to meet the specific security needs of the client.

FTL Secure Solutions are experts in the design, installation, maintenance, testing and training of a wide variety of access control and door entry systems. You will know what you want to achieve with your security system, and we can determine which solution is right for you.