Fake CSCS cards impact on construction

One in five responsible persons on construction sites in the UK have seen fake CSCS cards in the past 12 months. Whilst the use of the CSCS has increased dramatically in construction, the industry has been slow to employ the latest access reader and time & attendance technology. This means there is still a large number of construction sites employing non-compliant workers.

This is a serious issue for the industry. One of the major reasons the card was introduced was to ensure that workers hold the right qualifications for the job.

What can be done?

FTL Secure Solutions has the experience within the construction industry to help you implement an easy to use time & attendance and access control. There are time & attendance and access control systems available that can use the CSCS card, meaning you have a single input of data that will allow you to track the time a contractor checks in / out and at the same time, whether or not they hold the correct qualifications.

Biometric security, such as fingerprint or iris technology, can also be used to supplement the security aspect. Whilst contractors may be able to fool an access control reader, fingerprint or iris technology provide a fool-proof method of identification. On larger sites, where there may be 2-4% of fraud associated with ghost hours, these systems can represent a significant return on investment.


Need help?

FTL Secure Solutions have the experience to help you. Access Control and Time & Attendance is one of our major expertise. 

Whether it’s simply construction site security such as access control or CCTV systems, or an integrated access and CSCS identification system, we can help. Contact us on 01344 752 222 to discuss further.

Andrew Wylie

Security Consultant