Thinking of installing a surveillance system but the site is located off the grid? Yeah, that could be troublesome, and often requires great patience as long as the power grid line itself. A lot of people may think that just because they do not have the same infrastructure as what they have in the city, deploying a surveillance system in a remote area may not be the smartest idea due to antiquated source of power supply, lack of relevant devices, costly installation, and maintenance, etc.

Nevertheless, with the advent of continuous innovation and development in technology, intelligent solutions are gradually emerging to make sure that any area, whether on-grid or off-grid, is not left behind. One of these solutions involves harnessing solar energy, which is one of the predicted technology trends for 2022.


Deploying outdoor surveillance monitoring in an off-grid scenario could be very challenging compared to its conventional counterparts. Installation of traditional outdoor surveillance requires laying large cables and setting up stable networks, which areas off the grid might not be able to accommodate.

An off-grid monitoring scheme often involves solar panels and wireless transmission technology to do the trick

An off-grid monitoring scheme often involves solar panels and wireless transmission technology to do the trick. However, doing so comes with hefty costs in installation and maintenance. Every device must be installed independently, and the whole system lacks basic maintenance features, making it impossible to be operated remotely and generate on-site fault data in time.

Here’s where Dahua comes. With its accumulated experience in technology and innovation over the years, Dahua has developed an integrated off-grid security solution that ticks all the boxes for effective and efficient monitoring of scenarios beyond the power grid lines.

Dahua’s Integrated Off-grid Security

The Dahua Integrated Off-grid Security combines 4G network transmission technology, video surveillance (including AI functions), and solar power technology to build an integrated off-grid monitoring system. It is suitable for areas with no access to electricity and network connection.

This solution includes a solar module primarily made of monocrystalline silicon with an aluminum alloy frame and tempered glass panels. It offers excellent weak light performance and outstanding solar cell efficiency.

Features of the solution

2MP/4MP camera offers high performance 4G module and AI functionalities to amp up monitoring

In addition, its MPPT Solar Controller boasts high charging efficiency (>99%), RS-485 communication, and 10A maximum charging/discharging capability. Since the entire equipment has IP66 waterproof rating, its lithium battery, controller, and other components are well protected against harsh weather or jarring outdoor conditions. It also ensures a long product life, making every penny of the investment count.

The 2MP/4MP camera itself has an ingress protection rating of IP67. It offers high performance 4G module and AI functionalities that can amp up the monitoring operation just like those in regular application scenarios found in the city. There are also pole mount and wall mount options for the mounting brackets, which are waterproof and present a hidden line design.

Decreased installation and maintenance costs

With the integrated components clearly stated above, the benefits of this solution need no further explanation. It doesn’t require extra cables for network and power connection as it is equipped with a robust solar panel and a built-in 4G module that enables stable wireless transmission of data.

Its sophisticated and integrated design significantly reduces installation and maintenance costs. Its high ingress protection ratings ensure that all parts of the equipment are well protected and can withstand the all-weather operation.

Remote monitoring and maintenance

All of the advantages contribute to the entire system’s excellent monitoring performance

When connected to Dahua NVR and DMSS mobile app, users can view real-time videos of the monitored scene and check battery status, allowing for remote system monitoring and maintenance.

They can also receive alarm push notifications when the battery level is low or when an intrusion has been detected. Overall, all of these advantages contribute to the entire system’s excellent monitoring performance in off-grid environments.

Application scenarios

The Dahua Integrated Off-grid Security is a lightweight outdoor monitoring solution that is ideal for a wide range of application scenarios. It can be deployed in conventional areas like scenic spots, small construction sites, farms, roads, etc.

It is also applicable for small-scale industrial scenarios such as mining areas, oil/transmission lines, water reservoirs, and other critical zones. Aside from that, this flexible monitoring solution can also be used for outdoor events like sports games, conferences, concerts, etc.