Preventing terminal closures effectively: Dallmeier presents semi-automated monitoring solution for the airport security area

By Zoe Deighton-Smythe | February 5, 2019

The problem is familiar to airport operators: Unauthorised individuals enter the security area every day, for example when passengers go back to the airside from the land side after passing through customs or wander between “clean” and “unclean” zones inside the security area. The task of detecting and intercepting these “strays” quickly and resolving the situation places enormous strain on personnel resources, and not infrequently is unsuccessful.

The consequence: The threat of partial or even complete terminal closures with the associated enormous costs is real. The video security equipment manufacturer Dallmeier now presents a system based on 3D real-time location tracking, innovative video technology and mobile response team control which enables reliable and significantly faster incident investigation while reducing overall costs by as much as 50%.

To achieve this, the Dallmeier solution combines the patented Panomera camera technology with 3D sensors and a software package that provides functions for detecting individuals, real-time positioning and automatic “wrong direction” detection. Now if one or more people in the monitored area are moving in the wrong direction, they are detected by 3D real-time positioning, “captured” as objects in the positioning system and can be tracked seamlessly from then on.

The response teams automatically receive an alert, a portrait photo of the intruder and an overview image updated once a second on their mobile devices. In the bottom half of the screen, real-time information about the person’s position and direction of movement is displayed on the building map. The control centre has the same map view and image information of the events and is thus able to coordinate the activities of the response team. At the same time, the team members can switch between recordings on their mobile devices with simple swiping gestures, so they always know exactly where the individuals they are looking for are located. In this way, the persons they are searching for can be found immediately and critical situations can be resolved much faster.

Besides considerably faster investigation of threat situations, the Dallmeier solution also offers financial advantages over conventional approaches: Whereas previously a dedicated 24/7 presence was needed for every security checkpoint or passageway throughout the airport, with the Dallmeier solution security for the corresponding areas can be automated. Since the control centre and response teams have a much better overview of the situation and cooperation is optimised, the teams only have to intervene when an alert is issued. This enables savings of up to 50% of total operating costs and the solution pays for itself very quickly.