Facial Recognition uses the latest biometrics technology for its comprehensive software solutions, we can effectively enhance your business security, public safety, law enforcement and customer recognition.

The Benefits of using Facial Recognition include:

  • Provides fast and accurate identification using a robust information retrieval system.
  • Delivers reliable performance.
  • Spots unwanted individuals and in seconds alerts the security of their whereabouts.
  • Catch individuals on local, national and international watch lists.
  • The platform is affordable software that can be hosted in the cloud or run completely on your own network, it provides transportation capabilities never available before.
  • The System can be easily Managed, delete or add records, run reports and configure your alerting preferences, set alerts to be sent to computers and mobile phones.
  • There is no technical Jargon to learn and no need for time consuming training.
  • Cameras are located in strategic locations in your facility, these camera’s spot any individual that’s in your database and sends an alert with picture, location and bio to the appropriate parties.
  • Identifies multiple faces in live video stream up to 30fps, 1 million comparisons per second per server.

Facial Recognition services many markets, Airports, Train Stations, Border Crossings, Commercial Security, Gaming, Law Enforcement and Retail.

For More information please click on this link or contact our office on 01344 7522222 / sales@ftlsecuresolutions.co.uk.