Proximity readers provide a low-cost, secure way to control entry to and exit from a premises. This type of access control system can be installed in a wide range of environments. Proximity readers can be fitted to a variety of external and internal doors as well as other points of entry, such as barriers or gates. These readers can record and monitor where staff has been, and you can restrict access to certain people to certain areas. If you’re looking for a secure access control solution then security proximity readers are a good option.

Keen to find out more about biometrics or other forms of access control? Do you want to improve the general security of your property or premises? You can integrate proximity readers with other access control security measures – whatever best meets your specific security needs.

For help with advice and installation, look to FTL Secure Solutions. We specialise in the design and installation of a wide range of security measures and devices, and we can help you find your security solution.