Biometric systems are becoming increasingly popular with businesses looking to secure their buildings and sites. These systems can also help to improve operational procedures. Biometric security is evolving all the time, and the technology involved is a cut above any card or pin-based system.

Biometrics works on identification, such as fingerprint recognition. This is what makes it such a safe means of securing a premises. Do you want to install fingerprinting security? The ievo biometrics fingerprint scanner is the best option.

If you want to install a biometrics system then FTL Secure Solutions can help you. Fingerprint recognition is the earliest form of biometrics, but you can also opt for iris and facial recognition, palm readers, and you can decide what you’d like integrated into the system as a whole.

As NSI Gold security installers and maintenance providers, we only use CPNI rated biometric security systems, so you can guarantee an efficient and reliable system. 

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