Iris ID Biometric solutions provide highly accurate, non-contact identification by the Iris of the eye from 14inches away, while delivering security, convenience, privacy and productivity.

Iris ID design has enhanced the user interface with visual and audible prompts that provide the easiest, quickest and accurate Iris enrolment and identification.

Every Iris Pattern is Unique and stable for life and since there are more readily measurable characteristics in this Iris, this is regarded to be the most accurate, fastest and scalable option for small and large biometric deployment.

Why is Iris Recognition the authentication system of choice?

Stable – The unique pattern of the human iris is formed by 10 months of age. and remains unchanged throughout one’s lifetime.

Unique – The probability of two rises producing the same code is nearly impossible.

Flexible – Iris recognition technology easily integrates into existing security systems or operates as a standalone.

Reliable – A distinctive iris pattern is not susceptible to theft, loss or compromise.

NonInvasive – Unlike retinal screening, iris recongition is non contact and quick, offering unmatched accuracy when compared to any other security alternative, from distances as far as 3″ to 10″.

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