CCTV surveillance is at the forefront of crime prevention. By installing a CCTV system you can have the peace of mind that comes from this type of security. You will also have peace of mind when you’re away from the premises as if an incident occurs you’ll be able to see the cause.

The installation of a CCTV alarm and CCTV cameras will put you in control of your premises, and the latest CCTV technology will offer high quality of recording and functionality. If you’re looking for CCTV installers, FTL Secure Solutions can provide Berkshire businesses with the security they need to keep their people, assets, and premises safe. With CCTV, cameras can be installed which will prove cost effective in removing the need to have security on-site.

FTL Secure Solutions are experts in the design, installation, testing and training of a wide range of IP/CCTV systems. The benefits of IP CCTV includes superior image quality, digital analytics, it’s easy to install, and you can upgrade as and when you need to.

FTL Secure Solutions is equipped to manage your CCTV installation. With this form of security system you can deter crime, prevent criminal damage, and protect people and the places in which they work.