FTL Secure Solutions are pleased to announce some additions to our CCTV offering!

Vicon, one of FTL Secure Solutions’ primary CCTV partners, is replacing their longstanding VDR analogue range with a 960H equivalent. Based around the popular HD Express CCTV system, the Express DVR comes with a near identical CCTV Graphical User Interface and with significant improvements on the previous range of analogue DVR’s.

960H offers a significant video quality improvement on legacy analogue CCTV recording devices, and importantly, is one of the most cost-effective ways of upgrading your CCTV system.

FTL Secure Solutions is a technology led security contractor and, as such, most of the solutions we offer are based around IP. Whether this be an IP CCTV system or access control / biometric system over your corporate LAN, for any new build or major refurbishment it is difficult to justify not upgrading to IP security.

So where does this fit in to our security offering?

One of the major strengths of 960H CCTV is that you can reuse your existing cabling infrastructure, thereby keeping the costs down. If you need an improved picture quality on your CCTV system but you do not have the budget for IP HD, 960H is an ideal bridging platform. For example, in an existing premises with legacy analogue CCTV, it is possible to simply remove the old cameras and DVR and replace them with a 960H DVR and higher resolution digital analogue CCTV cameras. This gives you improved picture quality and functionality without the expense of re-cabling and procuring IP HD CCTV.

The Vicon 960H system enables you to support the latest High Definition 960H analogue CCTV cameras. Multiple remote sites with HD Express NVR’s and DVR’s can be controlled from a remote location with up to 64 simultaneous streams operating at once. As well as this, there is a handy iPhone and Android viewing app for remote viewing.

Whilst FTL Secure Solutions specialise in mid to enterprise level CCTV systems, we also actively work with small businesses and retailers who require a CCTV or security system that is cost-effective, simple and of a high quality. This is why we will soon be releasing standardised CCTV packages for small businesses and home owners, so watch this space!