THE NATIONAL Security Inspectorate – the independent specialist third party certification body which approves over 2,000 UK providers of security and fire safety services – has been appointed as a regional independent audit body for the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) in the EMEA region.

As a result, and with immediate effect, the Inspectorate will now be offering certification for TAPA EMEA’s three primary standards: Facility Security, Trucking Security and Parking Security.

A global not-for-profit industry association, TAPA was founded back in 1997 and helps manufacturers/shippers, logistics service providers, freight transport and security services companies when it comes to minimising losses from supply chains due to cargo theft.

Within the EMEA region, the UK is one of the most highly impacted countries for recorded cargo crime. From 1 January 2020 to 30 June this year, no fewer than 5,751 incidents of theft from supply chains were reported to TAPA EMEA’s Intelligence Systems operation in the UK. Of those which stated a financial loss value, 50% of crimes equated to a loss of over £100 million.

On average, over £100,000 worth of goods are stolen from supply chains in the UK each day. Given the majority of cargo crimes in the UK pass by unreported, these figures represent only a fraction of the real picture.

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