Do you want to make your premises all the more secure? Do you want top-level security and peace of mind? Arguably one of the best means of securing a site or building is by installing an access control system, and a fingerprint security system will serve to make your premises as secure as is possible.

Fingerprint security systems represent the significant advancements which have taken place in the security industry because in order for an individual to be admitted to a site or building, they have to physically prove their identity. This is very hard to fool or fake, so you can be sure of the security of your premises.

The security experts at FTL Secure Solutions are here to help. Our capabilities extend to access control and the design, installation, commissioning, testing and training of a variety of access control systems. Whether you’d prefer to install a standalone system or something more integrated and complex, we can meet all your needs for improved security. Fingerprint security systems are also something we can install with your specific security needs in mind. We only use CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure) rated biometric security systems, so you can be sure of quality and reliability.