Looking to boost the level of security on your premises?

A complete, multi-platform security system can be expensive to setup and expensive to maintain. If it’s not necessary to install a more complex, integrated system at your premises then you have other options available to you, such as installing a standalone security system.

Standalone systems are ideal for both low and medium-high security applications. A more compact standalone system will always be easier to install, easier to repair if something goes wrong, and easier to maintain. A simple standalone access control system, for example, will typically secure a single door. This will be useful for any business that wants greater security at a single entrance/exit point, helping to ensure that employees are safe while in the building. A standalone security system such as this is ideal if you want to install a security system at a reduced cost.

FTL Secure Solutions’ core experience is in the design, installation and maintenance of both standalone and integrated security systems. We can accommodate the needs of businesses with a single site to those which require multi-campus security systems.