V Alert ATM

Protecting ATM Machines and Parking Vending Machine against theft and vandalism


The theft at ATM machines is a growing world-wide phenomenon causing extensive financial damages to the banking system.

The V Alert Sensor is being used effectively to detect alarm indications caused by attempts to break or open the ATM or Parking Vending Machine. The sensor detects vibrations and movement caused by the theft attempt.

The system is able to differentiate between normal ATM / Vending Machine usage and movements caused the theft attempt.

The initial break in attempt will be detected immediately and will provide security personnel with the valueable time required to react to the alarm.

Benefit of Having V Alert:

  • Install V Alert Sensors inside the ATM or Vending Machine
  • Install directly on the metal frame
  • Adjust the sensitivity to meet the security requirements of the application
  • Receive a pin point alarm indication from the element being protected
  • The only available solution that can provide an integrated solution for banks – install one system on multiple banking applications in the same location – ATM, Safes, Deposit boxes, Bank Vault walls, roofs and doors.
  • Easch sensor has a unique ID providing fast, accurate and pin-point alarm indications from the element on which it is installed
  • The detection parameters of each sensor can be adjusted independently.
  • Designed for use in extreme outdoor conditions.
  • ACT – Unique technology enables extremely high detection with negligible false alarm rates.