Integration is a relatively new concept in the world of security. Security systems are now considered necessary to combat the increasing number and type of threats to which businesses are exposed. Standalone security systems and devices have their benefits and their disadvantages, but for businesses that want a cost effective, reliable solution to security threats then integrated security systems are a great option.

Security integration brings multiple security installations together under one single platform. This means that your security systems will communicate efficiently with one another, aiding daily operations and procedures, as well as other functions such as HR and payroll. Integrated security systems offer the best option in terms of value and cost efficiency.

FTL Secure Solutions’ core experience is in the design, installation and maintenance of integrated security systems. Our experience is in integrating either existing systems or systems we have installed. We can accommodate the needs of businesses with a single site to those which require multi-campus security systems. By bringing all your security on to a single platform, and by ensuring your security systems are communicating properly, you can save both time and money.