Biometric technology is now used extensively in the security industry. From fingerprint readers to facial recognition technology, biometrics will give your premises the security it needs.

Biometric technology analyses biological characteristics, authenticating an individual and allowing them access to a site, building or premises. Everyone has unique human body characteristics, and that’s why biometric security is so secure.

Biometrics can be installed in any type of building, but typical applications include in schools or educational institutions, in data centres, manufacturing facilities and logistics warehouses.

As biometrics installers, FTL Secure Solutions can install a biometric security system to secure your property or office building. The technology involved in biometric security has become increasingly sophisticated, so once installed, you’ll have peace of mind that your premises is secure. A biometric system can even be integrated into your existing security and HR systems, adding an additional layer of security.

Serving customers throughout Berkshire and further afield, we can assess your premises and install the best security solution for you. 

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