Electronic data recording, or time and attendance systems, make light work of the job of monitoring employee time and attendance. Your time and attendance systems can be integrated with your current HR and payroll systems. Not only does this save time, but it also streamlines all these processes, giving your employees more time to focus on other core aspects of the business.

Modern time and attendance systems can use card and biometric clocking. Time and attendance systems can be adjusted to meet the immediate and future needs of your business.

FTL Secure Solutions specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of time and attendance systems. If you’re a smaller business then we can introduce a single-station clocking system, while larger corporations can install more complex, networked time and attendance systems.

Here at FTL Secure Solutions we can install whatever best meets the needs of your business. You can streamline your payroll, human resources and clocking systems, creating a simplified system which provides all the monitoring you need. We have the in-house technical expertise necessary to provide you with the most advanced security solutions. 

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