Having an integrated security system not only saves you time and money, but will also offer you the biggest return on investment on your security networks.

Business and premises security is, in many cases, a prerequisite for effective business operation and cost-effective insurance cover. The variety of security systems required to keep your premises safe can present you with a management and operational challenge if the design does not take into account effective security management on a day to day basis.

FTL Secure Solutions offer a design-led approach to your security systems and security management. By bringing together your access control, CCTV, Intruder Alarms and other payroll and HR functions, we can offer you an innovative integrated security solution that will maximise the return on investment on your security.

Improve your business functions, prevent crime, identify and protect people and assets. All of this is made significantly easier with an integrated security system that communicates across multiple security platforms, as opposed to individual standalone systems. If you already have security systems in place, it makes sense to make use of your existing security infrastructure and build a design that accommodates making the most of what is already in place. This will give you an updated integrated security system that offers a higher return on investment and saving you money at the same time.