The increasing importance placed on business and premises security that works for you is now becoming reflected in the amount companies and home owners invest in their security networks. This increased demand for innovative security solutions has driven innovation in the security sector, particularly over the last 10 years, and has seen the introduction of a wide variety of advanced and cost-effective security solutions.

Commercial security solutions have seen a particularly high level of innovation in recent years. The onus is now on an effective integrated security network that doesn’t just minimise disruption to your business, but actively increases your operational effectiveness on a day to day basis. Security solutions such as CCTV and access control are no longer just a means to prevent and deter crime; they are increasingly becoming an integral part of HR, payroll and visitor management functions.

Homeowners and businesses often look to install a combination of security measures to create the most effective system that matches their requirement. The choice of security system is often a balancing act between ‘what do I need’ and ‘what can I afford’? This is why it is so important to choose a security company that offers a design-led security solution that can maximise your available budget and create a security system that fits your requirement. FTL Secure Solutions offer a bespoke, design-led service that ensures your security achieves what you want it to achieve, using the latest security innovations to make this a reality.