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CCTV Installations in Crowthorne

There’s nothing quite like feeling safe and comfortable in your home or place of work. In fact, you should always be able to feel safe, especially in your own home. However, if you’re a homeowner or an office worker who doesn’t feel entirely safe when inside your home or place of work then it may be time to consider installing a security device to ensure the protection of your premises.

If you’re thinking of installing CCTV to protect your property and your premises, then you’re no doubt keen to install the most cost effective security solution for your needs. With the advancements made to CCTV recording, security, safety and peace of mind are more or less guaranteed.  

At FTL Secure Solutions we utilise the latest technology in electronic security systems and we’re experts in the design, installation and testing of a variety of IP / CCTV systems. As security experts with significant experience in the field, we’re ideally positioned to design and install a CCTV system that meets your needs, budget and security requirements. 

Time Attendance Solutions

Time Attendance Solutions 

If you are in a position where you need to monitor your workforce and assure that you can control and potentially reduce payroll costs then time attendance solutions may be perfect for you and your business.

Fibre Technologies Solutions (FTL) provide you with innovative and dynamic time tracking that helps to remove the risk of payroll errors as well as inflation. We can install easy to use systems that tracks employee working time, provides real time automated reports, and basically tracks labour coming in and out of your site.

The time attendance solutions that we offer are built to help with human resource processes. The systems offer control over activities and job booking as well as access carried out by your employees. Whether you need access cards, ID cards, clocking machines or alternative attendance systems we can build something that will assist you with the monitoring and control of staff whilst helping you control payroll and minimise risk of inflation.

Please discover more today, we look forward to discussing a unique solution that fits in with your business.

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